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Come and see us at the Midwest Renewable Energy Association's Energy Fair! It's June 15-17, 2012 in Custer, WI. You'll find us at booth #A34/A35.

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Welcome To Marathon Solar Roofing

Kulp's of Stratford, Central Wisconsin's largest solar electric system provider, offers aesthetically pleasing building integrated photo voltaic (PV) systems that enhance the look and value of your property while at the same time offsetting your electric power usage.

At Kulp's, building envelope science is a serious business. Ensuring the proper design and planning coupled with our highly trained crews provides Kulp's with the best opportunity to deliver long-term value to your project.

Kulp's Marathon Solar Roofing solutions are professionally engineered real-world PV electric systems designed for a minimum 25 year lifespan. At Kulp's, we don't put solar on your roof, we make your roof a solar collecting system. No stand-up racks. No holes in the roof. No concerns about wind loads, snow loads, or other structural constraints that can rapidly add to a system's cost. Kulp's building integrated solar electric systems work as good as they look! Available in a wide range of sizes, both in power production and installed cost, Kulp's Marathon Solar Roofing systems add value to your property from day one.

Financial incentives, from the federal government and the State of Wisconsin through it's Focus on Energy program, can reduce your system cost by as much as 45%. Typical private home size systems pay for themselves in as little as 10 years and have rates of return upwards of 10%. Larger systems are even more financially attractive.

Kulp's Marathon Solar Roofing solutions help offset environmental pollution by reducing your carbon footprint. With talk of carbon taxes and cap-n-trade now is a great time to be looking at how to reduce your future tax burden. Kulp's can help.

Kulp's of Stratford has been designing and installing high-quality roofing systems for 25 years. Our unequaled reputation for integrity assures you that Kulp's is your best choice for any roofing solution.

Ask yourself; Shouldn't you talk with a top quality roofer before you put something on your roof?

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Focus on Energy

Energy Conservation

Focus on Energy rebates, called cash back rewards, are available for a variety of alternative energy projects, including net metered solar electric systems. Focus on Energy is also a strong supporter of using energy efficiency techniques to reduce your consumption and your energy costs.

Kulp's of Stratford supports Focus on Energy's view that energy efficiency is as important as alternative energy production in leading us into a more sustainable, energy-conscious future. Ask us about cool roof technologies, Icynene spray foam insulation products, passive solar skylighting, and air leak mitigation for your home or business.

You can also learn more about making your home energy efficient at Focus on Energy's Live Efficiently with Focus site.

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